10 Fashion Rules You Should Never Listen To - Professional Edition

Rules are meant to be broken. Here is our top 10 list of fashion "rules" that you should immediately be breaking:

10. No white after Labor Day

This rule originated from the early 19th Century and was created to make a distinction between the old-money elites from the new-money elites. White was considered vacation-wear and since Labor Day marked the end of summer, the white outfits ceased. This rule is way beyond outdated. It's 2019, we are inclusive and #WinterWhites are all the rage and we are here for it.

9. Sparkles are just for the evening.

Nope. We'd even go so far to say that sparkles can be turned professional with the right pairing. Mixing and matching is a beautiful thing. Mix sparkles and jeans for a beautiful juxtaposition of elegance and casual. Try out some unexpected pairings, but don't listen to this rule. 

8. Tights or pantyhose must be worn in a professional setting.

I'm sorry, what? All hail the Spanx, but this rule is so far gone we don't even know where to start with it. Skip.

7. Don't mix metals for jewelry.

Mixing metals together adds dimension to your look, allows for flexibility in your selection and makes your wardrobe stretch that much further in possibility. Win, win, win. 

6. Only follow your style. Don't deviate. 

Sister, deviate from day to day. Take inspiration from friends, coworkers, celebs, random awesome woman walking down the street. The only way you know if it's going to work for you is if you try it. So try it. 

5. Animal print is for weekends only. 

False. There are so many options to include this into your repertoire. Even if animal print seems a bit scary, a little goes a long way in the professional world. Mix it in with solids, colors and prints. 

4. Tall women shouldn't wear heels. 

...(insert inappropriate emoji here)

3. Short women shouldn't wear flats.

...(insert inappropriate emoji here). Why are we trying to make taller women shorter and shorter women taller? Just let us wear whatever the heck we want on our feet!

2. You must wear dress socks.

If you want to, please do so. However, it is not inappropriate to not wear socks as well. Slacks do not beg for socks.

1. Professional = boring. 

If you break no other rule, please break this one. Professional should be tailored, classy and appropriate. The one thing it shouldn't be is boring. Creating stylish outfits within these parameters should be seen as a creative challenge, not an inspiration-killer. 

Fashion rules are usually created to help those that don't know where to start. They can be a great help when you are stuck or trying something new. But as soon as you grasp the rules, then you can start to break them. Start by breaking these and breaking into your own professional style. 

Stand tall,