A-hem, Excuse Me - Long Pants for the Tall Girl

What is the most important part of fit when it comes to pants? Well, for each woman it typically differs. What hugs the best where she wants to show it off and what hides the best where she doesn't? Depends on the woman and the body.

Most tall women looking for pants can find the piece that hugs here and hides there, but not the one that does both and has a long inseam. 

Anyone who has spent time looking for pants that fit only to come up short (literally) on the length knows what I'm talking about. Especially if she wants to wear heels.

(Enter the 'OMG but you're so tall you don't need to wear heels'. We are aware. There is this thing called preference, we like them).

Pants that can't give you the length you need are not worth your time but is typically the only option. We know the struggle is real.

But the struggle isn't necessary.

You need long pants, tall pants that have enough fabric to cover your ankles. You need customizable length so you determine where your pants stop. 

We've got you.

We don't build pants until you order them. As long as you want and then some. We add another 1" of hem so you can adjust if you ever change your mind. 

So, tell us your length and we won't stop until you do. 

Let us know if you have any other common tall fit problems and let us solve them for you!

Stand Tall,