Al-pha Fe-male (n.)

An alpha female is a talented, motivated and confident woman. She's stepped into her leadership role and inspires others to do the same.

She sees her ambition as limitless. And knows she can handle any situation.

She walks with confidence, not arrogance.

She carries herself with grace, not harshness.

She is strong, not overbearing.

She is kind to herself and others.

She does not back down.

Think you're an Alpha Female? You are.

Is it weird that a clothing company is talking about an Alpha Female? It shouldn't be. 

We dress those Alpha Females. With clothing that keeps up with who they are and fits their stature. Long pants. Long sleeves. Long dreams.

Alpha Females are confident in their style and do not look down on others' style but see the good of it.

Alpha Females carry themselves with grace. You should still be able to move in your clothes, always.

Alpha Females are strong in their opinions, but do not push their thoughts on others.

Alpha Females are kind to themselves and see themselves for the beauty they truly possess.

Alpha Females never back down. Ever. 

Alpha Females will be on the runway this fall. And we cannot wait. 

Own your style and step into the Alpha Female you were always meant to be.

See you on August 22nd.

Stand tall,




P.S. Hit us up in the comments for how you define what makes an Alpha Female.