If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed our post on Sunday that was very lengthy and slightly passionate. :)

If you don’t follow us (hit us up @mystature), let me catch you up.

I talked about how to be bolder in your fashion choices and to push your limits. You don’t have to go drastically different, or you can I’m all for that, but even little choices make a big difference.

Styles, trends and fads all change and are constantly a moving target. So why should your personal style stay stagnant?

It shouldn’t.

It should be moving and evolving and changing. Try new things on, take them off, do new colors, patterns, layers. Mix it up!

Sound weird coming from a company who is founded on fit for the tall, professional woman?

It shouldn’t.

We believe clothes should fit. Period. And that you should feel confident, radiant, beautiful, sexy, strong and freaking BOSS in them. (Insert Bey singing ‘Flawless’ here).

Do you know how you do that? You find what you love, what helps express what you are doing/feeling/being that day.

As professional women, we can wear dozens of different hats all in one day. Employee, spouse, partner, mom, friend, daughter, sister, contractor, etc.

Clothing is the frame of the most important role - you.

So I’m challenging you this week to push a limit, push five limits, push all the limits! Get pants that are long enough to wear with heels you haven’t brought out of your closet. Wear hot pink lipstick to work. Dress up a classic garment with a sparkly piece of jewelry.

Try something new.

Then, appreciate the others that are doing the same thing.

See them learning and stretching and growing in their style and commend them for it.

Let us know how it went.

How does it feel? How do you feel?

Write to us on Facebook or Instagram and we will pick one bold winner at the end of the week. You’ll get some Stature swag and a special coupon code of your own.

Stand tall, walk proud, rule the world.