How Long Should Dress Pants Be?

This is a frequently asked question that is all too often met with "never long enough" from tall women. However, we have some helpful basic guidelines for each pant style to measure what "long enough" really should be.

For straight-leg pants, you want to ensure the pants are long enough but don't break (bend) too much. Pooling fabric takes away from the shape and makes the ensemble look less tailored. Use the tops of your feet as a guide. If you tend to wear flats, your inseam will match closer to what you would wear if you were barefoot - just skimming the top of your foot. If you opt for heels, your foot is angled down allowing for more length before the break. Account for what shoes you are most likely to wear when shopping for pants. 

Wide-leg pants should show just a bit of your foot and the heel. Please ensure you can tell that you have a foot when wearing this style. Wide-leg pants are more dramatic in length for the effect, but should not envelope your entire foot which will interfere with the intended silhouette. 

Skinny leg pants should end right above your ankle bone. The intent is for the pants to hit at the smallest part of your ankle, drawing the entire line in.

Crop pants...are literally every other pant we've had our entire life so we aren't covering those. 

Stature pants come in two lengths - those for flats and those for heels. This can make a difference when looking to buy a tailored pant for your long, lovely legs. 

Stand tall,