Omaha Fashion Week Recap (FW 2019)

Omaha Fashion Week - the 4th largest fashion show in the US (only behind New York, Los Angeles and Miami). 

It's one of those events that makes you proud of Omaha.

And even more honored to be a part of, let alone headline.

What a whirlwind of an experience and I think we are all still slowly winding down after it all. 

As an attendee you get to view quite a show of talent and assume there is a lot of work behind it all, but until you are in it you don't appreciate the amount of blood, sweat and tears that go before it!

There are bumps and plans B - Z that had to play into it for it to all go off without a hitch. We were adjusting, tweaking and making last minute calls on styling (did you see our amazing earrings from my sweet friend and high school setter Styles by Sammy?!) before we got everyone out there and we think it really paid off. 

The response has been completely overwhelming and we are still on a high from it all!

The process started in March with a question of if we could do it and a mood board. Denise took it from there and made it Stature's. We interviewed to be a part of August's show and were granted the privilege to headline! 

omaha fashion week interview

Then things really got moving, sourcing fabric, making patterns, selecting models, doing fittings, picking music, coordinating the styles that go together and so many other tiny details. It was a whirlwind, but it was amazing.

Fashion is a tough industry and sometimes it can be ugly and hard and only for those with a thick skin and some serious perseverance. But when it works, it is truly amazing. 

There's a saying that goes something like, "If you think you've gotten to where you are by yourself - see a therapist" and it is wholeheartedly true!

Develop Models worked closely with us to select the models that really embody Stature and everything we stand for - and they delivered. Our "shortest" model was 5'11" and every single woman rocked 3"+ heels. 

Our models: Grace, Mariah, Morgan, Ayak, Kaley, Avalisa, Kaitlin, Kyla, Kristin and Allie carried each piece with grace and confidence. Thank you for being the first ones to believe in this line and truly make it shine. You all bought in 100% and it would have never showed the way it did without you. Thank you for being the perfect Alphas.

tall women blazer tall women pants

Heather and Jameson were able to capture the feel of the brand and the line in a single still image. How they do it so beautifully (and so quick) I will never know, but am grateful that they are such an integral part of showing the talent and craftsmanship here in Omaha. Their work is all over our Instagram.

Omaha Fashion Week staff and the venue at the Omaha Design Center is the perfect pairing and if there is an example of an event that is here to highlight and celebrate design in Omaha, they are the definition. Answering all of our questions, being clear, concise, thorough and amazingly organized for all of our chaos, they are the real MVPs.

Then there is Denise.

We would not be where we are without our fearless Creative Director, Denise. She took our idea, latched onto it and has helped build it to what Stature is today. Laughing about the height difference between our customers/models and herself, she's never tired from brainstorming what this brand can continue to be. The best confidant and brand ambassador we could possibly have, we are lucky that we get to call such a talent ours. Thank you for all of the sleepless nights, early mornings and your cool in crunch time. 

stature team

My best friend was with me backstage the night we showed (she flew in for 12 hours from Denver just to be there - amazing right?!) and there was a surreal moment where we were able to stop and look at the amazing people around us. It was unbelievable and believable at the same time.

Keep it up, Omaha.

One of the best compliments from that night? We heard that our models looked the most comfortable and confident on the runway that evening. That solidified it. That is what we created this line for - tall women's confidence. 

Confidence for the tall women of the world who grew up always the tallest, were made fun of, could never go "regular" shopping, heard the "how's the weather up there?" joke too many times and were otherwise beat down because of their stature.

Not anymore.

These tall women now walk with shoulders back and the kind of unshakable confidence that comes from your bones within knowing "I've got this. I am capable of anything".

THAT'S why we did this and THAT'S all you.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of, showing support, attending, purchasing (and mostly) loving throughout this adventure. Now is our time. 

Stand tall,