Sew Much More Than Clothes

It’s been almost a week since I got back from Chicago for the DG Expo and it’s been so awesome being home and thinking about those few days. It was such a great trip and I am so excited to get all of the samples in (seriously y’all, ordered ALL. THE. SAMPLES.).

Thinking back, there was so much I learned and so many beautiful connections to some really talented and knowledgeable people in the industry. (Fabrics and labels and buttons – oh my!) There are so many options and limitless amount of creativity and combinations to put together. It’s so incredible to think about how these pieces come together to make the beautiful things we don every day.

It’s also really easy to draw the parallel between clothing and who we are as women. All clothing is made up of similar parts and stitched together, but every season, line and piece is distinctive in its own right. It has its own individual strengths, surprises, beauty and weakness.  

Kinda like us, there are so many things that make up the beautiful women that we are. Varying season of life to season of life. Family line by family line. Our own individual strengths, surprises, beauty and weaknesses. So many pieces and parts that are woven together to make one extraordinary woman that people are lucky enough to see and interact with every day. I loved that. I think the people there loved that part, too.

I also think the people there loved it because they knew I’m going to have to put in large orders to ensure our clothes fit those long, tall beautiful legs and those gorgeous, strong arms. :)