Stature Style Sunday - June 2nd

It's Sunday, the time of the week to relax, reflect and prep like crazy for whatever the week ahead is going to throw at you. 

Let me take one thing off your to-do list and help mornings go a bit more smooth (well, at least for you IDK about the kids. In fact if you have tips for getting the kids out of the house and in the car - hook a sister up!).

But in all seriousness, I've felt the struggle of not knowing what to wear, how to style it, only having a few pieces clean once I decide what I want to wear and then end up with piles of clothes on my bed from trying, changing, tweaking and then completely trying on a new outfit. 

Not this week, baby!

I've put together some simple styling tips that incorporate classic looks in a contemporary way with your own flair added in - based on the Stature Classics and what you have in your wardrobe right now!

Check out our video here and let me know what you think! I'll be posting pics all week of how I styled these IRL.

You work hard, you shouldn't have to work at your wardrobe. You will look professional, stylish and ready to be the boss (if you aren't already). :) 

Stand tall,