Suit Style Made Runway Ready


Today we had rack check as part of Omaha Fashion Week. It's a big day to make sure your line is progressing well, construction is sound and we have the opportunity to do a hair and make up trial on a model for a promotional photoshoot. It's a lot for your typical Sunday. 

But holy crap I am PUMPED!

We showed one look for the photoshoot and it gained some great attention. I heard comments like "it's so sleek", "it's statuesque" and "you enter a room wearing THAT and no one else can run the business".


With legs for days and arms to match, having a suit that fit her (long pants and tall-girl sleeves) made her a force to be reckoned with. 

We paired a bell bottom pant (that actually elongates) with a double-breasted suit and an asymmetrical buckle. Holy gorgeous long legs and long arms. 

We all know height already garners attention, but to have it perfectly outfitted makes that height command a room. 

We are so excited for our first runway show and it is going to be LIT. High energy, girl power, girl boss. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime show and snag your tickets now for Thursday, August 22nd. 

Stand tall,