Tall Girl Tuesday

In the spirit of Brené Brown, I am going to be very real and vulnerable on this blog.

(If you haven't read her or know who I'm talking about, go buy all of her books now and watch her Ted Talk while you wait to get them in from Amazon).

Stature is just starting out. We are working our little baby bodies so hard to get moving. We have fabric orders in, we have muslin fittings, we have women's measurements.

We just need to make the final match of getting our clothes together and on women's bodies (minor detail). We are planning to launch in November and it seems so far and so close all at the same time.

I was in an interview today for Stature and the reporter asked me what my goals are for revenue, hiring, growth, etc in the next year. I had to think a second. So often start ups are considered by their numbers (rightly so, I totally get it), but I never wanted to spend my nights and weekends and any extra time I had working for numbers. Most start ups don't (at least I like to think so).

They start with a why.

So I said my goal in the next year is to make 50 women ridiculously happy in Stature clothes. I want them to radiate confidence, beauty, power, whatever it is that makes them, them. I want tall women to be empowered, and feel like they are made perfectly and that fashion will adjust accordingly. 

Do a lot of different heights, sizes, genders have fit issues? Of course they do. Can we solve them all? That's the dream. How do we boil the ocean? One drop at a time. 

Tall women. We are starting this for you. 

If you are interested you can have your measurements entered so you can be one of our first Statuesques to order from our first line. (Still debating that title, but literally the words in the Thesaurus for statuesque are: beautiful, graceful, grand, majestic, regal, shapely, stately. I kinda love that part.)  

Does that describe you?


Should you feel that way in your clothes?


Is that realistic?

It damn sure should be.