Whether an American or not, I think everyone can rally around the premise of Thanksgiving - spending time with people we love, eating and being truly grateful for all that surrounds us.

For us, we get to be lucky enough for our height, also. 

It comes in handy more times than not. Here is a quick list of things our height gives us an advantage for:

1. You can reach the top shelf. Yeah, the good stuff.

2. You're easily found in a crowd. No getting lost here.

3. Naturally, you have a big presence. There's no denying when you walk into a room.

4. Your broad shoulders mean you can take on the world. Bring it on, baby. 

5. It almost guarantees you're picked first for sports. They've never seen you play, but sure you'll be on their team.

Above all, there is just more of you to love because all of that awesomeness couldn't fit in a smaller package. 

Gratefully stand tall,