Thanks for the Memories, 2019

A new year. A new decade. A new start. 

'Tis the season for revolutions, detoxes, promises and new hope. We are all on board that train with some huge goals for 2020 and this new decade. 

Before we jump ahead, we've heard it's good to slow down, reflect and listen to what has already happened. (I'm terrible at this). But, for manifesting for the future, let's give this round up a go. 

2019 was a big year for us. We officially launched and put our clothes on real (tall) women. We partnered with Miss Nebraska and helped get her outfitted for Miss America. We showed an entire new line as a Headliner for Omaha Fashion Week. We focused on production, social media and building the right team to move forward. We officially named Troy as our CTO and co-founder and are moving to a new production facility (more to come on that later).

We failed, we stumbled, we did and redid and redid and tweaked and adjusted, cried, laughed and through it all we are here in 2020.  

Although our launch was officially in April of 2019, this concept started it's official momentum in October 2017. The dream started long before that, but that's when we made official outward steps to get this in gear. It's been a long, slow process, but here we are with so much accomplished in one year already.

Our biggest success?

I'm really proud of the work we did for Omaha Fashion Week. That felt like a crowning moment to be included into the community and really be able to show our chops. The work we did with Allie Swanson (Miss Nebraska) was incredible and was such a great partnership (if I can have my way, that partnership isn't done yet). And I'm so incredible grateful for our first customers. The people that showed up, supported, purchased, wore (and loved) our clothes. That is the biggest accomplishment yet. We have a lot of wins to celebrate, but it wasn't all roses and rainbows.

Our biggest learning?

Timing, timing, timing. Timing is everything. Being custom, we have some lead time that is to be expected, but the waiting period for those first customers was unacceptable. That is why we are switching production facilities and ensuring that we can trust our production partners before pushing any green lights with the women we get to dress. That is the utmost importance and the #1 focus of 2020. Period. We will not succeed without delivering and delivering accurately. 

(This again is the point where I thank those first customers that held on through the trials and tribulations of our first production run and still love us anyway. You know who you are. Thank you.)

Our biggest growth?

Being seen in the community as a big player. We are not some hobby shop looking to do one or two things. We are a company that is poised for growth and for taking over the industry leaders. We have big, audacious goals and we are not backing down. Getting our name out in the community this year was huge. Making key connections, photoshoots, designating our fit model, you name it. It was all to make us the best we can be for you. So we ensure your fit is actually right and you know you can trust it. 

Our next biggest opportunity?

Girl, we dream BIG. I'm talking manifesting, vision-board-making, can't-stop-dreaming dreams. We have so much opportunity, but we are not doing it irresponsibly. We have our focus for 2020 - timely delivering the best pieces to make you feel phenomenal. That is our grounding point and how every decision in 2020 will be judged. 

2019 taught us a lot. I remember writing in 2018 that 2019 was going to be a year of calculated risk. Looking back, I think we accomplished that. We took risks and won some and learned from some.

2020 is going to be the year of building a solid base. We will still take risks, but this year is the start of a new decade - we have to use that to build and form how we want this decade to look. How we want to grow, what we want to be. That starts with putting the right people and systems in place to honor the women of stature that we get to dress everyday. 

While nostalgia always sets in hard this time of year and the new year makes us look in the mirror and really reflect, overall, I'm proud of our 2019 and excited for our 2020. 

To everyone that has been an instrumental part, you know who you are and we could not have done any of this without you. 

If you believe in God, seek God. 

If you believe in Buddha, seek Buddha.

If you believe you did it alone, seek therapy. 

We didn't do it alone and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Stand tall,