Why It Sucks to Be Tall

When long pants aren't long enough, when sleeves that are supposed to reach your wrist reach maybe your forearm, when dresses turn into shirts. 

That's when it's hard to be tall.

Shopping as a tall person is not something us tall people typically forward to. Styles off the rack won't fit and there is only so big of a size you can go before they stop getting longer and just start getting wider. (When you say you carry "long", what does that mean? 30" inseam isn't gonna cut it here honey).

C'mon people. 

But then it's funny cause we get a lot of attention being tall. "Oh my gosh can I just borrow three inches?"

Um, no?

Enter: Stature.

Stature is a customized clothing solution for tall women. The first tall women's online clothing store of it's kind that was born out of the typical tall frustration of not finding clothes that fit, 6’2” founder, Karisa Malchow decided it was time to find a better way. Working with a local designer and manufacturing the whole line in Omaha, Nebraska, Stature is a completely different way to purchase and own clothes. Designed to fit your stature, the clothing line has customizable sleeve and hem lengths (thank you very much). This process not only allows for a better fit, but also creates less inventory waste as the pieces are only cut and sewn upon ordering.

With a mission calling for all women to stand tall, walk proud and rule the world; Stature encourages tall women to wear heels and hold their shoulders back. 

Headlining in Omaha Fashion Week this fall (next week!), Stature’s newest collection straddles the line between masculine and feminine. With subtle nods to the military, this first line, Alpha, is all for the Alpha Female. 

Stature is about so much more than making sure clothing fits, it’s about owning the relationship women have with their body and using every inch of the height you were given.

Clothing should fit you, not the other way around.

Because let's be real. Being tall doesn't suck.