Wonderfully Overwhelmed

Currently, I am spending my first ever trip to Chicago in a hotel room listening to a podcast, TV on mute and working on this website. And I freaking love it.

Denise, Jean and I spent the day at the DG Expo (fabric trade show) and holy cow. I thought I knew fabrics, but the people at this show are WAYYYYY over my head. They are excellent. We are finding so many beautiful options for the initial line launch (I'm so freaking excited it is coming November 2018!) and constantly have our target woman in mind.

The My Stature woman is busy, strong, beautiful, caring, kind, tall and wonderfully imperfect. She not only rocks her job, but she is taking care of beautiful babies (even if they don't resemble newborns anymore), selflessly loving her tribe (that fiercely loves her back) and making the world better because she is here. To pick a fabric that can keep up with her is overwhelming, but she deserves it.