How It Works


Select whatever style you love, pick the color and the size (based on tall proportions) and add it to your cart.



You'll see a space for sleeve or hem length - this is where the fitting magic happens: you get to customize it based on exactly what you want! 6'2" and always wear heels? Add that extra length to your pants. Long arms that don't want 3/4 sleeve when reaching across the boardroom? Add that in there to be sure you never have to show the tricks up your sleeve again. If you have any questions on what these lengths are for you, you can order a measuring tape for free and watch this video or reach out to Karisa for guidance (at 



Sit back enjoy a coffee or cocktail or both while we begin creating your perfect piece. Really, we don't cut anything until you order. Perfection takes time (about 8 weeks), but it's more precise, cleaner and ensures a better fit. After all, skimping never cut it for us tall women anyways.